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Inlay Installation

Just as amazing when you know how it’s done: While a lot of older cheep factory made instruments have stickers on top of or prints under the finish demarcating their logo, nice old instruments, and most new ones have  wood or shell material set into the wood. Even cheap guitars get inlay work now because

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A New Guitar with the Wrong Neck Pitch???

Physics before name brands! A true story:  In the early seventies the Martin Guitar Co. sent a number of D-18s out the door with the bridge int the wrong place!  And not just a little bit; a full 1/8″. Apparently the bridge locating jig was busted and no one noticed…for a while. A few years

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Go-Bar Deck Crack Repair

Repairing a Full Length Back Crack with a Go-Bar Deck: This Guild Jumbo acoustic had one of the most extensive cracks I’ve ever seen. It ran the full length of its back. The cause of this crack was MAJOR dehydration – and years of it. The crack was not only wide open, but the wood

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Taylor Big-Baby Monster Crack Repair

  A Taylor Big-Baby with a big problem: This instrument was dropped, inside it’s soft gig bag luckily (if it’s going to happen), on a linoleum kitchen floor. The finish and the wood remained amazingly unscathed. But the shock of the drop caused the top to split and separate from the sides. This one took

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Gibson Bridge Plate Repair Blog

Gibson Bridge Plate Repair: As you may or may not know, an essential element of acoustic guitar bracing is that of the Bridge Plate. The bridge plate, which rests directly under the bridge on your guitar, executes a number of crucial purposes. It reinforces the sound board under the bridge, provides a surface  for the

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