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A New Guitar with the Wrong Neck Pitch???

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A New Guitar with the Wrong Neck Pitch???

Physics before name brands!

A true story:  In the early seventies the Martin Guitar Co. sent a number of D-18s out the door with the bridge int the wrong place!  And not just a little bit; a full 1/8″. Apparently the bridge locating jig was busted and no one noticed…for a while.

A few years ago I ran into a completely different, but equally baffling, factory error.

This came, strait  from the factory, to the sales department of the shop I used to work at.


A closer view to see what the issue is…


Neck Pitch refers to the angle of the neck in relation to the body. With the neck perfectly flat & a strait edge placed on the top of the frets, one can check the projection of the neck. Ideally, the neck should project to  5/16″ above the soundboard @ the front edge of the bridge.  Almost all bridges are 5/16″ tall at the front edge for this reason.

1/4″ is the absolutely lowest acceptable projection. But, 1/4″ projection is something you should only see on a really old guitar that has had the bridge shaved down more than once: A guitar nearing demise, or rebirth (determined by your willingness to spend a sizable sum on repair work).

So here it is. A brand new guitar that projects to  1/4″. We sent it back. 

The replacement was perfect.

Thanks for reading!

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