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Classes & Seminars

One-on-One Set-Up Lessons:


If done properly, set-up work can provide tremendous impact on the feel, sound, and responsiveness of any instrument. A tremendous amount of the repairs that take place in our shop (from neck resets to loose brace fixes to broken head stock) are done to provide an instrument with the groundwork for proper set-up work to occur. Set-ups represent the single most common repair. They are almost always needed as soon as a guitar is purchased, and are required regularly throughout its lifetime.

Curious about what exactly goes into the process of instrument set-up?

Elden Luthiery offers a one-on-one set up lesson. This lesson  is an excellent introduction to the methodology and techniques of set-up work that take luthiers years to develop and hone to perfection.  We recommend this one-on-one course for anyone considering pursuing luthier training,  for working musicians who need to be able to do last minute maintenance on their instrument before gigs and  on the road, and for musicians who are interested in having a deeper understanding of mechanics of their instrument.

You will need to provide your own instrument (guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, etc…- acoustic or electric) to take this course.

Lesson cost: $90 + cost of strings.


Basic Guitar Care Course:

elec. set up

When you discover an electronics short or a buzzing string 5 minutes before a show what do you do?  Wondering why your acoustic top cracked when you came back from touring the North West? Wondering how to explain to your technician the exact way you want your Strat set-up?

For an overwhelming number of musicians, the ability to do a few simple tasks and to care for an instrument properly can be of tremendous value. And having a basic understanding of how your instrument works can be a great asset in effectively communicating with your instrument technician.

The purpose of this course is to give you basic foundation for understanding and caring for your instrument at home, on the road, and while gigging. We’ll also cover proper restringing and some basic emergency quick fixes for when you need them most.

Elden Luthiery ‘s Basic Guitar Care Seminar is a small group seminar -up to 6 participants – that takes place at our shop and is available upon request. Although this course is geared toward guitars, we can cover any fretted instrument, depending on what attendees desire. Please Contact Us to inquire about the next available class.

Topics included in the Basic Guitar Care Seminar are as follows:

-Parts of the instrument and what they do + common terminology/communicating with your guitar technician

-Strings: types & gauges / the right strings for the sound you want

-How to properly restring a guitar (and other instruments)

– Instrument cleaning: the right products and methods

-Managing the effects of humidity and seasonal changes

-What to expect from your instrument as it ages / common repairs in the life of a guitar

-A few Quick Fixes: making it work well enough to get you by in a hurry

-Gigging and Touring: instrument care on the road

-Shipping and Air Travel: avoiding 3rd party damage to your instrument


This is a 2 hour seminar. Scheduled sporadically throughout the year. Please Contact Us to if you are interested.

 Class cost:  $50 + cost of strings.


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