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Custom Guitars

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Thanks for your interest in our Custom Instruments.

Most of these designs, and many many others besides, are available on a commission basis. Please contact us  if you’re interested in purchasing one of our available instruments or would like more information about investing in a commission. Thanks!

Regional Tonewood LP Style Electric: Solid Mesquite! (Available for purchase $2499)

The body of this instrument is made of a single cut of southern AZ mesquite milled in Wickenburg, AZ. The neck is made of hard rock maple with an ebony fingerboard. Dimarzio Humbuckers. Schaller tuners. Wide nickle frets. 24 5/8″ scale length. Standard LP wiring with the addition of a coil-cut push/pull on the neck pickup.



Customer Design Collaboration: Exotic Hardwood Baritone (Sold July 2018)

This instrument features features an Ash Body with West African Ebony top. The neck is made from a five piece laminate of Figured Maple and Wenge with a Madagascar Ebony Fretboard and Headcap. Finished with hand applied high gloss tung oil.  The customer was involved every aspect of this build, from the initial design to the selection of every cut of wood used.



Regional Tonewood Thin-line Telecaster: Mesquite & Juniper (Sold March 2018)

The body of this instrument  is hand built entirely from locally sourced materials. Sourced from Wickenberg AZ, the top is made from a book matched  cut of Mesquite. The back of the instrument if made from fire salvage Juniper from Flagstaff AZ. Both materials were cured 3 years outdoors as slab and a full year in my shop after being prepped for body blanks.

Satin oil finish. Hard rock maple bolt-on neck.  Ebony fingerboard.  25.5″ scale length. All Gotoh Hardware. Seymour Duncan pickups.  Vol, three-way selector switch, Tone. Wide fret wire. This instrument also utilized my own custom Tele wiring schematic which enhances the warmth of the hum-bucker, give extra growl to the bridge pickup, and produces a natural volume boost when the two are ran simultaneously. $2099


Elden ES : Red Maple 6 String Electric Slide (Available for Purchase – $2099)

This 6 string electric slide is build from a single cut of salvaged Red Maple. The cut of lumbar that this instrument was made from was one I found in the rafters of my fathers old wood-shop in Flagstaff, where it had been for the last 30 years. The instrument design was based entirely on the usable sections of the lumbar. The nut and saddle are made of rosewood and the stylized pickup ring is ebony.  Because this instrument was built entirely by hand (even the fret slots were meticulously located and cut with a hand saw) it is a completely one of a kind instrument. Electronics include a master volume and a single 3 way mini switch which gives three settings to a high output Dimarzio hum-bucker (series, parallel, coil cut).

Because this instrument was built entirely by hand (even the fret slots were meticulously located and cut with a hand saw) it is a completely one of a kind. I am, however, currently designing nine string (E9) version with a slightly larger body size that will be available on commission.  Please contact us if you would like more information.

Elden Model #1: Beveled Oak Electric (Available for purchase – $185o)

Currently available through Custom Sound Instruments in Flagstaff.

This instrument is build from a slab of Oak which I found hiding in the rafters of my father’s wood-shop in Flagstaff some years ago. It was an off cut from a table he was commissioned to build in the mid 80’s.  Considering it had 30 years of cure time in Arizona and was perfectly stable I figured it was an excellent candidate for a build. This is the second build of this custom design.


Beveled top. Natural oil finish. Hard rock maple bolt-on scarf joint neck. Satin violin neck finish. Ebony fingerboard. Abalone inlay. Gibson 24 5/8″ scale length. Tunamatic bridge. Seymour Duncan vintage replication soap-bar pickups.  Vol, Tone & three-way selector switch. Grover tuners. Medium width fret wire. %100 hand built. $1850

Customer Design Collaboration: Flame Maple Art Deco Electric (Sold Apr 2017)

In Nov of 2016 I was brought a drawing of a instrument design by a customer and the question “can you build me this?”. The answer was, “sort of”. The original drawing had some basic problems (like the bridge being in the wrong place). I laid out a re-design full scale on paper and, after a few meetings to settle on the final design, made templates and built the instrument you see here.  This guitar utilizes a 24 5/8″ scale length and a Tunamatic bridge (like a Les Paul), a bolt on neck w/ reverse head stock, Volume+Blend+Double Tone w P/U coil-cut  – all to the customer’s specifications.  A guitar I never would have built of my own volition but it plays beautifully and is entirely unique.

Small Body Tenor Guitar (Sold Apr 2017)

In Feb of 2016 I was brought a small body tenor Guitar that had been built in the 20’s by a customer seeking to have it restored.  It became instantly clear in assessment that, due to massive neck warping, there was no way to make the instrument playable without seriously changing it. The customer decided instead to have me built a replication.

Instead of a direct copy however, I suggested  modernizing the instrument. This was primarily a response the the customers desire to have it comfortably playable in GDAE guitar tuning (rather than the CGDA commonly to the Tenor). To this end, this guitar is built with martin style X-bracing, utilizes a 23″ scale length (which I determined to be the shortest possible to comfortably accommodate both tuning), and is in all other regards effectively a smaller version of my other acoustic instruments. The materials used are as follows: Englemann Spruce Top. Honduran Mahogany back, sides, and neck,. Ebony bridge, fingerboard, & head-plate. Abalone inlays. Maple/Rosewood Binding.   An instrument of this design is available on a commission basis. Please contact us for pricing and questions.

Engelmann Spruce & Rosewood OM Acoustic (Sold Nov 2013)

This OM acoustic was build specifically for finger style playing. The combination of Englemann Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Rosewood fingerboard, Fingerstyle 1 ¾” nut width, & medium/thin fret wire produced and incredible responsiveness and nuance which lends perfectly to finger style guitar playing. Balanced tone and tremendous volume,  it stands out as my favorite Elden builds so far.  An instrument of this design is available on a commission basis. Please contact us for pricing and questions.

Elden Model #1: Sycamore Top Electric (sold Feb 2016)

Burly two-piece mahogany body with Sycamore Top. Seamed Mahogany set-neck. Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish.  Rosewood Fingerboard. Abalone Inlay. Gibson scale length. Tunamatic Bridge. Dimarzio Humbuckers. Vol, Vol, Tone, Tone, with 3-way mini switch and Push-Pull coil cut on the bridge. Grover tuners. Medium width fret wire. First build of this Elden Custom Electric Design.



Sitka Spruce & Mahogany OM Acoustic (NFS)

This guitar is my own personal instrument and is also kept at the shop available for individuals with custom acoustic guitar inquiries to try out. It has tremendous head room and a nice balance of warmth and clarity which lends perfectly to the writing of morose country songs (which is exactly what I use it for).

Specs: Martin size OM body shape. Sitka spruce Top. African Mahogany back and sides. Rosewood binding with maple laminate. Ebony fingerboard. Flatpicking 1 11/16” nut width. Medium width fret wire.




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