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Taylor Big-Baby Monster Crack Repair

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Taylor Big-Baby Monster Crack Repair


A Taylor Big-Baby with a big problem:

This instrument was dropped, inside it’s soft gig bag luckily (if it’s going to happen), on a linoleum kitchen floor. The finish and the wood remained amazingly unscathed. But the shock of the drop caused the top to split and separate from the sides.


This one took A LOT of clamps. Glue was applied, and clamps installed in 3 sections. From right to left around the edge. There is also 2 spreader clamps inside the guitar under the top crack.


A view from the side.


Because I used hide glue – the best option for top cracks – clean up was quick and no color alteration to the top occurred. Here is the finished repair:


And a view of the top:


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